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The real estate marketer’s job is to get homes in front of prospects. New Home Feed was created to make this job as easy as possible, and today we’re announcing that we made that job even easier! There have been lots of high-fives and cheers at the office. Why are we so excited?

Starting RIGHT NOW you can use our new tool that takes all that listing data in New Home Feed and transforms it into incredible, scroll-able, rich-media banners. These banners will be syndicated to a massive network of real estate listing sites. The service also includes remarketing. So when prospect reaches the builder website via one of the banners, a retargeting “trip wire” is triggered and you can keep marketing to that prospect as they continue web browsing.

The banners feature rotating listings and buyers are able to scroll back and forth through communities, plans, or homes. The ads will appear within 50 miles from your communities in up to 5 ad sizes. Advanced customization is available for the data geeks out there who want to micro-target based on factors like education levels or income.

Benefits of the New Home Feed Banner Network:

  • COST SAVINGS – Highly affordable banner advertising solution that generates real traffic
  • AUTOMATICALLY SEND TO THE AD NETWORK – Once your scrollable banner(s) are generated, New Home Feed automatically deploys these banners to over 1,000 local and national real estate websites on the New Home Feed ad network
  • REMARKETING – Keep marketing to visitors who click an ad to reach the builder website
  • REAL TIME REPORTING – New Home Feed lets you see traffic from your banners right on your dashboard
  • INSTANT UPDATING – Update your banners using the New Home Feed listing management tool, and the banners update in real time
  • BRANDING! TRAFFIC! – The New Home Feed banner network is a highly effective way to extend the brand while also delivering seriously impressive website traffic

Visit to get more information about the program, request help getting started, or to contact someone at New Home Feed. If you are a DIY sort, you can do it all yourself by visiting


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New Home Feed launches Banner Generation Tool and a Real Estate Banner Network to Further Simplify and Reduce Costs of New Home Marketing.

New Home Feed, whose mission is to get users’ new homes in front of prospects, is launching a banner ad generation tool that syndicates to a real estate banner network. The banners are generated from new home listing data in New Home Feed. Retargeting is also included with this new service. Access to the real estate network is now available to New Home Feed users.

Read the full press release here.

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It is important for homebuilders to make sure their listings are available wherever potential home buyers are. How does a homebuilder target buyers most likely to purchase within 90 days and reach them while they’re actively shopping? According to a recent survey conducted by the NAHB Research Center proves that active buyers are the ones browsing real estate listing sites like Zillow and Trulia.

New Home Feed can get these active buyers to communities, plans, and inventory on your website and not just a third-party listing site. Instead of creating and managing your new home listings on separate listing sites, New Home Feed allows you to manage all of your listings from one central location and make changes instantly.

Why should you consider syndicating your listings? Here are a few reasons:

  • 61.9% of buyers are influenced to visit a homebuilder’s website through independent listing sites.* New Home Feed gets the listings to the listing sites and the buyers back to your website.
  • Independent listing sites are more influential in a high-end buyer’s decision to visit a homebuilder’s website – 72.2% of those shopping with budgets of over $500k.*
  • Your homes for sale must be everywhere buyers look for homes, not just on your website.
  • Syndication via New Home Feed ensures your listings are healthy so your homes get maximized page views! (Weak listings don’t get traction.)
  • Syndication via New Home Feed puts your listings on a unique pay-to-list network, including sites like New Home Source, New Homes Directory, New Home Guide, and many more.
  • Syndication via New Home Feed gets users special discounts and promos from participating real estate listing websites

Syndicating listings to key listing sites and making real-time updates in just one click that update everywhere is an essential element of achieving strong new home sales. Start using New Home Feed today and be sure you’re reaching the active home shoppers!

*Survey conducted by NAHB Research Center and produced by the Bokka Group. Survey shows active buyers, “find a website through specific action like searching for a product, browsing listing sites (emphasis ours), or clicking on a paid ad.”

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We’re looking for new talent to join the New Home Feed team! Graphic Language, creators of New Home Feed, is seeking a full-time web applications programmer to join our savvy development team. The ideal candidate will be an organized self-starter with a diverse skill set including strong communication skills, a desire to do daily hands-on work, and resourceful problem-solving abilities. Be prepared to wear multiple hats and interact with prospects, clients, and industry partners.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Assist in planning and developing feature-rich web applications, including e-commerce and web-services applications
  • Build advanced user-interfaces using Javascript (jQuery)
  • Create seamless XML feeds
  • Assess and implement solutions integration
  • Craft legible and elegant, easy-to-read code
  • Design database structures and draft SQL queries
  • Communicate and interface with clients, prospects, and industry partners
  • Coordinate with resident graphic designers, flash programmers, and web producers on a daily basis
  • Implement industry best-practices in everything
  • Estimate project costs and manage project scope
  • Support products and websites as needed


  • 4 years of experience creating dynamic, database driven websites
  • 4 years of programming experience in PHP
  • Strong history with MySQL
  • Mastery of HTML & CSS
  • Experience with jQuery
  • Thorough understanding of client and server-side technologies
  • Basic knowledge of CSS
  • A relaxed attitude, open-mindedness, and ability to adapt and roll with the flow
  • Comfortable working in a Linux environment
  • Some experience installing and configuring Apache

Bonus Skills:

  • Proficiency in Flash
  • Experience using the Zend, CodeIgniter, or other MVC PHP framework
  • Keep-It-Simple philosophy
  • Web server maintenance skill
  • Team leadership skills

If you’re interested in this position, please click here to apply.

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IBS - Paula

The team was lucky enough to visit several education seminars at IBS 2013, and we want to share points we thought useful. Are you interested in home builder marketing? Maybe you’ll find these notes useful, too! (Shameless plug: if you are really interested, check out the home builder marketing services by Graphic Language, our parent agency!)

On Wednesday we attended “Beyond Facebook: Pinterest, Google +, & more” and got a lot of useful pointers for builders to use in considering web strategy. Check this out: the average adult is online 25% of waking hours. A full 40% of the time surfing is done via a mobile device. And 23% of the time is social. Nearly one minute in four online is on social media. One minute in four. So lots of folks then think: I should be on social. But as we learned, there could be a different take-away. If one minute in four is on social media, that means you (the brand) are competing with friends, celebrities, other advertisers, politicians, churches, community groups, family. In other words, not only is content king but great content is essential! Be interesting!

Another thing to note, as the title suggests, is that “social” does not mean “Facebook.” In fact, only 17% of folks on Facebook are there for shopping inspiration. But folks on Pinterest? 70%! We talk to a lot of folks whose years of saying “be on Facebook” are finally paying off, and to them we say: Pinterest. And again: Pinterest. Third time: PINTEREST.

Slicing up the numbers for web browsing and social media was the most interesting to us, but we’re marketers. We like to geek out on these things. But it’s clear that Google +, sites like Houzz, and anything mobile are very deserving of your attention.

This picture we’re using is of Paula as she brings home the point that “good content is king.” If you’d like to learn more, I’m sure you could contact the Bokka Group to get a copy of the presentation. Also participating was Kelly Kenton, the vice-president of marketing and online sales for The Providence Group. And Mitch Levinson sat in for Carol Morgan (both of mRelevance) because poor Carol got sick. (We hope she’s better now!). Great presentation folks!

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Builder Tech balloons

Rick and Robert are back from Vegas and caught up on sleep (we think). They are raving about the success of Builder Tech, report that it was easily the highlight of the trip, and just an incredible gathering of tech and marketing minds. Hundreds of guests, great food and tasty cocktails, and lots of builders mingling with some of the sharpest minds in the industry. In addition to Rick and Robert representing New Home Feed, guests got to hang out with the other sponsors including Myers Barnes, Mike Lyon, the folks from Lasso CRM, New Homes Directory, Builder Designs and Zillow.

The food and drinks were nice, but what really makes the event special is that with our co-sponsors we are able to share ideas, tips and tricks, and compliment the ways in which we help builders sell more homes. We’ll be doing it again at PCBC in San Diego and hope to see you there!

Dave Clements of Lasso CRM and Kevin Oakley of Heartland Homes

Dave Clements of Lasso and Kevin Oakley of Heartland Homes

Happy guests at Builder Tech

Happy guests at Builder Tech

Jim Adams and Mike Lyon at Builder Tech

Jim Adams of New Homes Directory and Mike Lyon

Robert talking to Mr. and Mrs. Weaver of Weaver Master Builder in Pittsburgh

Robert talking with Mr. and Mrs. Weaver of Weaver Master Builder in Pittsburgh

Troy Reierson of Zillow and Rick

Troy Reierson from Zillow and Rick

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Builder Tech party sign

We’re putting the final touches on tonight’s Builder Tech event at IBS. We hope all our homebuilder and developer friends are all ready to party Vegas style!

Join us at the Palazzo Hotel for a fun night of hanging out with our industry’s brightest thinkers and tech experts and enjoy the open bar, delicious food, and the musical stylings of our in-house host/DJ Mix-Master Mike.

Builder Tech set up

Food Display at Builder Tech

We can’t wait to party with our amazing Builder Tech partners Zillow, Lasso CRM, Builder Designs, Focus 360, New Homes Directory, Mike Lyon Group, and Myers Barnes Associates. We’ll be back to share pictures of the party; well, the non-incriminating ones!

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New Home Feed is at the International Builders Show (IBS) this week in Las Vegas! Rick and Robert are looking forward to meeting NHF users and channel partners, and to celebrate the start of what is shaping out to be a great year for housing.

Are you attending IBS? Let us know on Twitter (@newhomefeed) so we can meet up and grab a drink.

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We’ve been following the news on the new technology products being introduced at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. A lot of interesting new products have been introduced this year (wireless blender, anyone?) and we’ve complied a few of our favorite new home technology products to watch out for this year:

“Smart” Homes

There has been a lot of talk lately about new “smart” homes we can control from our phones. LG came through with the dazzling new Smart ThinQ series of home appliances. All Smart ThinQ appliances communicate with each other through Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology. So you can check on your laundry through your Smart TV or have the refrigerator tell the oven what temperature it needs to be preheated to and for how long. And no more wondering if the milk’s gone bad. You can check the expiration date for the milk and other foods right from your smartphone!

LG smart_appliance_05


Another tool for the “smart” home is new programmable thermostats. Gone are the days of constantly fidgeting with it to get the house to the perfect temperature. First is the Nest Learning Thermostat. This smart thermostat learns your heating and cooling habits over time and will automatically adjust to conserve energy and keep you comfortable throughout the day. Homeowners are also able to control, monitor and tweak the Nest from a web browser or smartphone/tablet apps.

nest thermostat

Another option is Eversense, which monitors real-time activity to make adjustments. A unique feature is the ability to set proximity zones that alert the system to when the house is occupied or empty. When the last cell phone has left the home, the system turns off and when the first cell phone crosses the preset proximity zone, the system is set to that person’s preferences so the temperature at home is always perfect.


LED Lighting

While usually overlooked, there have been intriguing advances in lighting. SWITCH Lighting, a Silicon Valley startup, has developed the first “three-way LED bulb.” These bulbs release a warm light that is practically identical to traditional CFL bulbs, but with the low-power and long-lasting benefits of LED. Other larger companies have all jumped into the LED lighting bandwagon so it’ll be interesting to see what other innovations occur.

switch led lightbulb

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trulia christmas basket

What a sweet way to start the Holiday break! We like to thank our friends at Trulia for sending over a sweet little gift for the office. We’ve been feasting on the Moose Munch all morning. It’s the breakfast of Champions.

We hope everyone has a safe, warm and happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year.

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