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NHF - new users

New Home Feed’s goal has always been to make it easier for new home builders to manage their all of new home listings online. More builders are joining the team every day and we’re thrilled to welcome the following new home builders who are now taking advantage of New Home Feed for instant exposure online:

For just $99/month, each of these builders are now using New Home Feed to:

  • Reach active home shoppers on the top free and pay-to-list website directories
  • Get intuitive and transparent reporting
  • Get traffic and leads sent back to the builder’s website
  • Improve SEO
  • Syndicate and manage listings on Facebook and
  • Post listings to top classifieds websites

If you’re looking for a better and more streamlined way of managing your online listings, check us out and join these new builders and the hundreds of other home builders already using New Home Feed. A free trial is available for new users!

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NHF Lasso webinar

Today’s the day!

It’s a flurry of excitement here at New Home Feed as our CEO, Rick Phillips, gets ready for the “New Home Feed Explained” webinar we’re hosting with our friends, Lasso Data Systems. Rick will explain how builders can use the real estate directories, manage the sales process, and ease the burden on the sales team using New Home Feed. Plus, you’ll learn tips on managing all those leads using Lasso. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this great resource.

This free webinar is today, Thursday, October 3rd at 10AM PST/1PM EST and is hosted by Dave Betcher, CEO of Lasso, and Rick, CEO of New Home Feed. There’s still time to register!

Register here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/451593305

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NHF Top Ten

We’re really pleased to announce that New Home Feed is now fully integrated with a great site for California new home listings: TOPTEN New Homes. We share the goal of making it as easy as possible for builders to reach buyers, so it just makes sense for New Home Feed users to be able to manage listings on TOPTEN, including all the important photos and videos.

To celebrate our new partnership, new users now get a free 30-day trial for both New Home Feed AND TOPTEN!

Over 300 builders manage more than 20,000 listings across essential real estate directories and measure results like traffic and leads in real time through New Home Feed. It’s awesome. TOPTEN provides a quick and convenient way for prospective home buyers to search for new homes throughout California. It’s a great partnership, as our mutual clients will soon fully agree.

Sign up today for your free 30-day trial to New Home Feed and TOPTEN or contact our sales team for more information.

Happy listing!

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Lasso Data Systems has kindly invited New Home Feed to educate the builder world about New Home Feed. In “20 Minutes with New Home Feed” we’ll show you what New Home Feed is all about, and how to use New Home Feed to save time and maximize profits in this housing market.

NHF Lasso webinar
Real estate directories prove to be one of the (if not the) most effective places to reach active, engaged home shoppers. So builders will benefit from action-oriented tips and advice on how to use the real estate directories, manage the sales process, and ease the burden on the sales team. In the process, you’ll learn tips on managing all those leads using Lasso.

The free webinar on Thursday, October 3 at 10AM PST/1PM EST is hosted by Dave Betcher, CEO of Lasso, and Rick Phillips, CEO of New Home Feed.

Spaces are limited and this webinar will fill up quickly so make sure you reserve your spot today.

Register here now.

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Trulia Housing Barometer
Each month Trulia releases its latest Housing Barometer report, which charts how quickly the housing market moves back to “normal.” Trulia summarizes three key housing market indicators: construction starts from the Census, existing home sales from the National Association of Realtors, and the delinquency-plus-foreclosure rate from the LPS First Look. They compare this month’s data to how the numbers were at their worst to their pre-bubble “normal” levels.

All three measures improved in the month of July: construction starts and existing home sales increased and delinquency + foreclosure rate ticked down. Here are a few notes on each measure:

  • Construction starts increased but still have a long way to go. Construction starts are up 6% from June, single-family (+20%) and multi-family (+33%) are up over last year’s level. Construction starts are 41% of the way back to normal.
  • Existing home sales leapt to their second-highest level in six years. Existing home sales jumped 17% year-over-year (and up 31% year-over-year when excluding foreclosures and short sales) and inventory increased for the sixth straight month. Overall, sales are 94% back to normal.
  • The delinquency + foreclosure rate continued its retreat. Delinquent mortgages or foreclosures declined to 9.23% in July, which was the second-lowest level in almost 5 years. The delinquency + foreclosure rate is 56% back to normal.

Trulia reports that the housing market is not only moving forward but it also entered its third phase of recovery this spring. Here are the milestones:

  • Phase 1: began in 2009 when the housing market hit bottom and started its way back up. It’s been a long, slow climb.
  • Phase 2: began in early 2012 when home prices bottomed out and started rebounding
  • Phase 3: began in Spring 2013 when inventory bottomed out in January and mortgage rates began to rise in May after reaching historic lows. Also, price gains are slowing and existing-home sales are returning to near-normal levels.

The fourth phase will be reached when young adults start to move out of their parents’ homes and boosting household formation. Let’s go, Millennials!

We are always excited to hear news of how the housing industry is recovering. We’re optimistic that it will be able to reach the fourth phase soon.

As the housing industry continues to strengthen and household formation begins to increase, make sure you’re ready for the flood by listing and managing your homes on New Home Feed!

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Action Comics No. 1 - Superman

At New Home Feed, we’re all about reporting ways to profit off home sales. And here we offer a new solution for adding value.

It’s pretty common to find items from the previous owners after buying a home; usually those finds are fairly uninspiring: a forgotten shoe or toy, a suspect rug, and that one thing you’re still not sure about but haven’t gotten rid of just yet. You know what we mean. But this has to be the discovery of a lifetime: After buying an abandoned Minnesota home for $10,100 (and outbidding a competitor by a mere $100), new owner David Gonzalez, a home remodeler, uncovered a hidden treasure in the walls of his home: a rare copy of Action Comics No. 1 featuring the debut of Superman from 1938.

This comic book, which shows the Man of Steel lifting a car over his head, was found mixed in with old newspapers used to insulate the home. Even though the comic book is showing the effects of having been used as insulation for nearly eight decades, and having a torn back cover that tore $75,000 of the final price, this is still an incredible find. The current high bid is sitting at $137,000 with the online auction set to end on June 11th.

“This is like a virgin comic in this instance,” Vincent Zurzolo, a co-owner of ComicConnect, told the Star Tribune. “It’s so hard for anyone to fathom that, in this day and age, you could still discover a comic book that nobody has known about because this book was in a wall of a house for more than 70 years. It’s pretty miraculous that it even survived, and it’s only had one owner.”

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The real estate marketer’s job is to get homes in front of prospects. New Home Feed was created to make this job as easy as possible, and today we’re announcing that we made that job even easier! There have been lots of high-fives and cheers at the office. Why are we so excited?

Starting RIGHT NOW you can use our new tool that takes all that listing data in New Home Feed and transforms it into incredible, scroll-able, rich-media banners. These banners will be syndicated to a massive network of real estate listing sites. The service also includes remarketing. So when prospect reaches the builder website via one of the banners, a retargeting “trip wire” is triggered and you can keep marketing to that prospect as they continue web browsing.

The banners feature rotating listings and buyers are able to scroll back and forth through communities, plans, or homes. The ads will appear within 50 miles from your communities in up to 5 ad sizes. Advanced customization is available for the data geeks out there who want to micro-target based on factors like education levels or income.

Benefits of the New Home Feed Banner Network:

  • COST SAVINGS – Highly affordable banner advertising solution that generates real traffic
  • AUTOMATICALLY SEND TO THE AD NETWORK – Once your scrollable banner(s) are generated, New Home Feed automatically deploys these banners to over 1,000 local and national real estate websites on the New Home Feed ad network
  • REMARKETING – Keep marketing to visitors who click an ad to reach the builder website
  • REAL TIME REPORTING – New Home Feed lets you see traffic from your banners right on your dashboard
  • INSTANT UPDATING – Update your banners using the New Home Feed listing management tool, and the banners update in real time
  • BRANDING! TRAFFIC! – The New Home Feed banner network is a highly effective way to extend the brand while also delivering seriously impressive website traffic

Visit http://www.newhomefeed.com/marketing-network#banner-ad-network to get more information about the program, request help getting started, or to contact someone at New Home Feed. If you are a DIY sort, you can do it all yourself by visiting https://my.newhomefeed.com/pdf/NHF_banner_setup_instructions.pdf.


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New Home Feed launches Banner Generation Tool and a Real Estate Banner Network to Further Simplify and Reduce Costs of New Home Marketing.

New Home Feed, whose mission is to get users’ new homes in front of prospects, is launching a banner ad generation tool that syndicates to a real estate banner network. The banners are generated from new home listing data in New Home Feed. Retargeting is also included with this new service. Access to the real estate network is now available to New Home Feed users.

Read the full press release here.

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It is important for homebuilders to make sure their listings are available wherever potential home buyers are. How does a homebuilder target buyers most likely to purchase within 90 days and reach them while they’re actively shopping? According to a recent survey conducted by the NAHB Research Center proves that active buyers are the ones browsing real estate listing sites like Zillow and Trulia.

New Home Feed can get these active buyers to communities, plans, and inventory on your website and not just a third-party listing site. Instead of creating and managing your new home listings on separate listing sites, New Home Feed allows you to manage all of your listings from one central location and make changes instantly.

Why should you consider syndicating your listings? Here are a few reasons:

  • 61.9% of buyers are influenced to visit a homebuilder’s website through independent listing sites.* New Home Feed gets the listings to the listing sites and the buyers back to your website.
  • Independent listing sites are more influential in a high-end buyer’s decision to visit a homebuilder’s website – 72.2% of those shopping with budgets of over $500k.*
  • Your homes for sale must be everywhere buyers look for homes, not just on your website.
  • Syndication via New Home Feed ensures your listings are healthy so your homes get maximized page views! (Weak listings don’t get traction.)
  • Syndication via New Home Feed puts your listings on a unique pay-to-list network, including sites like New Home Source, New Homes Directory, New Home Guide, and many more.
  • Syndication via New Home Feed gets users special discounts and promos from participating real estate listing websites

Syndicating listings to key listing sites and making real-time updates in just one click that update everywhere is an essential element of achieving strong new home sales. Start using New Home Feed today and be sure you’re reaching the active home shoppers!

*Survey conducted by NAHB Research Center and produced by the Bokka Group. Survey shows active buyers, “find a website through specific action like searching for a product, browsing listing sites (emphasis ours), or clicking on a paid ad.”

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We’re looking for new talent to join the New Home Feed team! Graphic Language, creators of New Home Feed, is seeking a full-time web applications programmer to join our savvy development team. The ideal candidate will be an organized self-starter with a diverse skill set including strong communication skills, a desire to do daily hands-on work, and resourceful problem-solving abilities. Be prepared to wear multiple hats and interact with prospects, clients, and industry partners.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Assist in planning and developing feature-rich web applications, including e-commerce and web-services applications
  • Build advanced user-interfaces using Javascript (jQuery)
  • Create seamless XML feeds
  • Assess and implement solutions integration
  • Craft legible and elegant, easy-to-read code
  • Design database structures and draft SQL queries
  • Communicate and interface with clients, prospects, and industry partners
  • Coordinate with resident graphic designers, flash programmers, and web producers on a daily basis
  • Implement industry best-practices in everything
  • Estimate project costs and manage project scope
  • Support products and websites as needed


  • 4 years of experience creating dynamic, database driven websites
  • 4 years of programming experience in PHP
  • Strong history with MySQL
  • Mastery of HTML & CSS
  • Experience with jQuery
  • Thorough understanding of client and server-side technologies
  • Basic knowledge of CSS
  • A relaxed attitude, open-mindedness, and ability to adapt and roll with the flow
  • Comfortable working in a Linux environment
  • Some experience installing and configuring Apache

Bonus Skills:

  • Proficiency in Flash
  • Experience using the Zend, CodeIgniter, or other MVC PHP framework
  • Keep-It-Simple philosophy
  • Web server maintenance skill
  • Team leadership skills

If you’re interested in this position, please click here to apply.

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