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“How the RE Industry is using Social Media”

Take a look at this fantastic infographic, made by Postling, that we found on Mashable, that talks about how the Real Estate industry is using Social Media! Very compelling stuff!


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Staying Focused

Social Media isn’t a fad – it is now a genuine part of our lives. It is, however, equally as distracting as it is useful… so how does one maintain their life online, life offline, and professional responsibilities all at the same time?

Sarah Rapp, of, gives a humorous look into how one individual tries to cope with the inundation of distractingly good information:

As Behance’s Community Manager, my job requires me both to dig deep into several brainy projects, and to embrace interruptive activities like keeping up with social chatter and emails as the voice of our brand. When I took a step back recently, I realized I’d become a pro at being on-call and timely in the social media department – but it was coming at the expense of bigger picture projects. Long-range focus had fallen by the wayside as I gave in to the Twitter feed, Email account, and Facebook posts. Most dangerous of all, I could easily rationalize checking the social chatter over and over again.

Full Article Here

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Map of Online Communities

This is a great visual representation of the various social communities that make up our, sometimes more than is healthy, daily dose of internet that has become such a staple in our lives. I have to say though, I immediately assumed that this was just a funny joke, but upon further investigation – this is actually quite informative.

Click the Image to see a larger version!

From the brilliant mind(s) at XKCD

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New Home Feed Feature Spotlight – Twitter

Using Twitter to promote your inventory? Well, we’ve got something good for you.


You can now publish your content directly to your Twitter account from New Home Feed! NHF will automatically pull in your listing information, name, location, price, and destination URL into a 140 character Tweet, all with tracking information so you can see who’s clicking on what!

Sign up for your Free Trial now!


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Social Media Monopoly

This is pretty spot on… Happy Monday everyone!

via Lost at E Minor

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Despite social media, email is still king

Jay Baer, over at Convince & Convert brings up some interesting points, reminding us to not forget about the power of email in this climate of Social Media dominance.  Read the entire article HERE.


SOURCE:  Convince & Convert

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21 Rules of Engagement – thanks @mashable

Just came across this great list of guidelines for effective social media strategy from the good folks at Mashable.

1. Discover all relevant communities of interest and observe the choices, challenges, impressions, and wants of the people within each network.

2. Don’t just participate solely in your own domains (Facebook Fan Page, Twitter conversations related to your brand, etc.). Participate where your presence is advantageous and mandatory.

3. Determine the identity, character, and personality of the brand and match it to the persona of the individuals representing it online.

4. Establish a point of contact who is ultimately responsible for identifying, trafficking, or responding to all things that can affect brand perception.

5. As in customer service, representatives require training to learn how to proactively and reactively respond across multiple scenarios. Don’t just put the person familiar with social networking in front of the brand.

For the entire list see the full article on Mashable

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Social Media 2.0

Some awesomely startling facts about the current status of Social Media in the world.  

Fun facts for Friday Happy Hour!

via: James Shiner

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